Vacation and Family Time

This week, Morgan and I have been on vacation with my parents in the Outer Banks. It’s been so relaxing, filled with perfect sunny weather, books upon books, tons of laughter, delicious food, and reminiscing on how crazy the past year has been (with our engagement, senior year, and the wedding). It feels like the Lord is slapping me in the face with His goodness, and I’m basking in it!

My parents are incredible people. I could write pages upon pages of how awesome they are, but I’ll save that for another time (because, honestly, they’re probably the only people reading my blog). This week has been different–I haven’t really spent a ton of time with my parents since we got married; it’s adding a little flare to our relationships in a great way. I watched as my dad threw the frisbee with Morgan on the beach today, realizing that my dad’s dream of having a son finally came true. My mom and I went shopping this morning at the outlets, and her excuse for buying me a KitchenAid mixer (OH YEAH) was, “I’ll use your deceased grandmother’s retirement fund money. It’s like Granny is getting you a wedding present sent from heaven.” [That mixer feels like a wedding present sent from heaven, but I’ll save that rant for another day] [Okay wait, I got a refurbished, vintage-looking mixer for 75% off retail value. I’M STILL FREAKING OUT.]

When we got to the beach house, my dad handed me a box he’s been saving of all of my stuff–starting with my birth certificate and ending with my college graduation program. After sobbing for a little bit, realizing that he literally saved the notes I wrote in high school, asking him to wake me up at 7am instead of 7:30, I spent approximately 4 hours reading all of my old writing to Morgan. He loved it. 

When I was younger, I was certain that I’d become the next bestselling poet/author. I mean, with talent like this, why should anyone have doubted me?

I hold in my hand my future,

That’s what I have been told.

The things put in my hand today,

Will stay here till I’m old!

Whether a teacher, a doctor,

A pastor or more.

Anything I’d like to be,

Or something I have not been waiting for!

Yeah, that little number won first place in the PTA Reflections Contest. 

It also seems as though I truly understood theology, with a firm grasp on who God was. 

Dear God, Thank you for haveing people in the world. Remider wen i was tocking to you about mom wen she was sick. Well I’am so sorry about that time I was just worried about her. My dad was just telling me that i dont have to say sorry for bothring you.

Nailed it at age 6. 

My dad and I have always been super, super close. As in…we practiced our Daddy/Daughter dance for the wedding for about 9 months so that neither of us would hit the ground on the dance floor from sobbing. I even entered him into the 3rd Annual Virginia’s Greatest Dads Contest with this proposal. 

My Dad is the greatest because he loves me! He makes me feel better in my heart when things go wrong. He wakes me up for Arthur every day at 7:30. He plays with me on the computer and lets me read to him! He is a Lunch Dad and comes to Treat Days at school. He goes to work everyday for me so that I can be safe at home. I am going to call him Mr. Good Dad. 

I wonder why that nickname didn’t stick. It took us entering into the contest to realize that it was for the “Divorced Fathers Coalition.” Whoops. My parents are very happily married. 

I love my parents. The Lord has completely overwhelmed me with how good He is to me and how much He has provided for me over the years through on these two. My prayer is that I constantly am struck by this gratitude. 


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