Taking Stock 2

My aspirations were oh so high this week to blog at least two other times. Those half-written non-masterpieces are sitting peacefully–albeit very incomplete–in my draft folder, and here we are at another Friday, Taking Stock of this past week. And, in a way, I’m grateful those blogs sit drafted because it illustrates that this week felt like a weekend, filled with so much community and late nights. We spent them laughing and cooking and watching funny shows and eating on our back porch with people we adore, just basking in the fact that this is what life looks like right now and it is so good. And (teaser) life won’t look like this for long so I’m going to embrace it.

P.S. I commit to telling you about that teaser on Monday, so come back and hear all about our crazy. For now, here’s where my heart and my brain and my life are at–

Cooking: This week was a cooking-baking-overload sort of week–which, if you know me, is the best kind of week. I baked these cookie bars for a police officer bake sale, and, as I type that, I realize that I am a soccer mom. Made some bruschetta chicken for a new mom, cookies for a potluck, grilled out with friends one night, and poor Morgan and I ate leftovers the rest of the week 🙂

Drinking: Tea this morning, loads of water today. I found pumpkin spice tea at Kroger on clearance for $0.39 and stocked up, but couldn’t bring myself to make that this morning–though it’s pretty brisk out.

Reading: Finally finished a book I’ve been reading for about a month (I’ll blog a review in the next few days). Up next are some classy/trashy summer reads that I’ve been accumulating from Goodwill. It’s a yearly tradition to buy a bunch of the sub-par, no-name books and find some diamonds in the rough in mindless summer reads.

Wanting: For my basil and thyme plants to actually create basil and thyme. I am NO gardener, but I found these sweet $3 pots at target and so badly want to fit in with my husband’s love for agriculture. Basil and thyme is my way in to the world of farming…and, from the looks of these little nubs of green sprouting through the soil, I think I’m going to be an expert green thumb in no time.

Playing: This week at work marks the one week of summer where students aren’t on campus, so it’s been full of staff appreciation days. On Wednesday, my coworkers and I played volleyball on some of the sand courts near residence halls, and it was a blast. Yesterday, we all looked pretty pathetic getting out of our chairs and walking up stairs. Even my ankles were sore…the indicator of how incredibly out of shape I am.

Wishing: That, instead of 5 hours, the beach was minutes away. Not solely because I love the ocean, but because I want to live near my sister. Can you just imagine a beach walking distance from our future farm? I think that’s what heaven will be like.

Writing: Some news stories, and starting to draft the blog post for Monday. I’m telling you guys…this is weighty, beautiful stuff. Trying to figure out how encapsulate our hearts into words.

Enjoying: I love a good icebreaker question to get a group meeting rolling, and I think I heard my favorite yesterday. “To know me is to know this about me.” The challenge of dialing into who you are by one phrase is intense but life-giving. Last night, I kept asking people how they’d answer. I’m that friend, folks.

Waiting: For tonight…when we head to Wintergreen to visit my parents for the holiday weekend and celebrate a great friend’s wedding tomorrow. Weekends like this are what dreams are made of.

Listening: My shuffled Pandora stations–includes The Lumineers, Avetts, Ben Rector, Taylor Swift, Mumford, All Sons & Daughters, etc.

Loving: I can’t believe that in just over a week, Morgan and I will celebrate our two year anniversary. I love that hilarious, servant-hearted, sweet, hard-working, goofy farmer.

Dreaming: Do you ever just stop and think about what your life is going to look like in just five years? It’s eery to think that lots of what I know now will be different, but comforting when I remember that my God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Pondering: About a month ago, I read an article in Garden and Gun about photography. The author made the passing comment that maybe pictures are hindering our memory. That, when we think of a person we haven’t seen in a while or an event from our past, we think of a picture of that person or that place and not an actual memory. This concept stuck, and I think about it often…but also wonder if it’s just the opposite. Maybe pictures enhance our memory…maybe we wouldn’t have a memory of a person or a time without that image. Food for thought, friends. Welcome to my brain.

Watching: We watched the first episode of An Idiot Abroad last night, and I think my abs are sore from laughing.

Hoping: That, for some reason, no one wants to come up to Wintergreen for the holiday weekend, and we get the entire resort to ourselves. One can dream, right? (I’m not a huge fan of “people.”)

Marveling: In these mountains, and the fact that I get to call them home.

IMG_0362Needing: WEEKEND.

Smelling: This week smells like pollen. And sounds like lots of sneezes.

Wearing: Jack Rogers, jeans (Friday–ayo!), black top, tan sweater, and a big blue statement necklace.

Craving: I had my first slice of watermelon of the summer last night, and now I want to eat ALL THE WATERMELON. Devouring juicy wedges makes me feel like I’m dieting while gorging myself because it’s like flavored water and dessert mixed into one, right?!

Rocking: This necklace. Y’all. $4 at Plato’s Closet. It looks sort of like this but better and bluer and cheaper.

Noticing: The people in this town are completely and totally and beautifully stealing our hearts. I don’t think we realized we could have this type of community outside of college, but we do and it’s glorious.

Thinking: What if, like wedding photographers and videographers, there were wedding writers? I love love and weddings and watching the day begin with two people and end with them united as one. They could hire us wedding writers to document their stories. But my good friend Kaitlyn does pretty much a flawless job at combining pictures with words so I guess she’ll suffice. 😉 No but for real. This girl is dynamic. Her words make me cry.

Feeling: Overwhelmed, excited, inadequate, and grateful.

Admiring: One of my coworkers has gotten me into spoken word poetry. Sarah Kay is my favorite I’ve found so far. Watch her TED Talk! This art form is unique because it puts a voice behind words, and I can promise you’ll be moved to hear a writer’s emotion behind her work. Also we watched these videos at work today–the most epic food marketing.

Giggling: Y’all. This precious kid is too much for me to handle. I want to scoop her up and take her home and ask her all the questions about presidents just to hear her sweet little voice.

Bookmarking: This a deep one. Read this, but listen to this while you read. Because it’s powerful and heart-wrenching and a deep, harrowing reminder that God is God, and we’re His hands and feet here.

“But we’re not about to cover up their stories with trite and flimsy distractions, we won’t act like what’s happening with ISIS isn’t the story of our times, isn’t the story that defies geography, isn’t the story that threatens the cradle of civilization…How do you turn away and go back to your neat little life of wheaties and news reels and how does the church not stand up and howl?” Ann Voskamp

Disliking: How the pain of the world is so distant from our sheltered view of reality that we can’t even grasp it. I read that blog linked above and stared into the eyes of those women in the pictures to convince myself that these are humans. BUT I am loving the end of that blog, when Ann Voskamp updates readers that the Church is stepping up and nearly half a million dollars has been raised. Heck yes I’m going to be a part of that. Will you join me?


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock 2

  1. sydnijackson says:

    I’ve also wondered if photos help or hinder our memory. Interesting thought. I LOVE the Wedding Writer idea – you should pursue that!!

  2. tessherceg says:

    Love this. Can’t wait til Monday.

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