Taking Stock 3

I wish I could give every single one of you hug after all the love we got from our post about fostering on Monday. It was like all of these lovely, amazing people jumped on board our crazy train and said, “We’re in. We’re praying. We’re going to be a part of this, too.” It’s blown us away, and we love you all.

Cooking: An entire box of Kraft macaroni that I ate all by myself. Out of the pot. That was what happened when Morgan worked super late Tuesday and I had a nasty cold and needed some fake cheese lovin’.

Drinking: I rarely drink soda unless it’s free but I’ve bought two Coke Zeros this week because this cold is kicking my butt. Girl’s gotta get some energy mid-day, you know what I’m saying?

Reading: Shanghai Girls. My first summer novel has sucked me in. (Side note: I’ll buy any book at Goodwill that says “Bestseller” on the cover. I’m too trusting. This one might turn weird, but it’s good so far.)

Wanting: I want you to watch this video. I think I may be coming late to the party and everyone may have already seen it, but this is sacrificial, enduring love.

Wishing: I could have extended last weekend into a thousand days. We spent the holiday weekend with my parents, and we laughed hard and ate well and talked deep and soaked up the perfect weather. They are two of the most unbelievably amazing people in this universe, and I’ll never understand how I got so blessed to call them my parents.

IMG_2346 My view Monday morning. A man and his dog.

Writing: Always. But wanting to write more. I feel like I’ve been writing my name and address and medical records and criminal records (don’t have one suckahs) and every kind of record you could ever imagine on a billion forms for Social Services. It’s the best kind of paperwork, though!

Enjoying: My sweet friend Astleigh shared news of her pregnancy this week, and I’m enjoying not having to keep it a secret anymore!! And you guys won’t even believe the way they announced it. Astleigh is, without a doubt, my most creative friend. I’m enjoying the thought of her as a mama because she’s going to be extraordinary. She and her husband had a miscarriage a few months ago, and this pregnancy is a reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness and our smallness compared to His perfect plans.

Waiting: We shared our fostering news with you, and, though we’re busy getting everything ready, we’re also waiting so anxiously for things to get rolling. It’s a waiting period filled with a lot of prayer and hard talks. Fostering is interesting because you can only prepare so much–we don’t know the age, the gender, the number, the situation…until an hour before they show up at our door in some cases. “Waiting” is forced, and that’s so good for us. I’m a spastic planner by nature, and fostering is taking me out of what is comfortable and pushing me to trust.

Listening: Found an acapella Pandora station to jam to during work this week. Considering it a pregame for Pitch Perfect 2, which I’m finally seeing Saturday!!

Loving: It’s wedding season, and I can’t get enough of it. We celebrated a high school friend this past weekend in Charlottesville, and the venue overlooked the mountains. Swoon. We leave a week from today for Indiana to watch my cousin get married, and things get a little rowdy when my family gets together. It’s going to be cray-cray, and I can’t wait.

IMG_2326For every 1 good picture, we have about 10 that look like this.

Dreaming: Y’ALL. Morgan just told me to pack a bag–we’re going on a surprise anniversary trip tonight and I AM SO EXCITED! When people ask me what my love language is, I say every single one of them. I love all of the love languages. This man knows my heart. I cannot wait.

Pondering: I am so creeped out by the “People You May Know” feature on Facebook. How and why do you sneak into my past, Facebook?!

Watching: Last night, one of my best friends came over to work on her wedding invitations, and we had Legally Blonde on in the background. I forgot how amazing that movie is…and I also forgot how I can recite most of the lines.

Marveling: That for two years, I’ve woken up next to the most dreamy guy in the whole world. Expect the most mushy-gushy post you’ve ever read on Monday when we celebrate two years of us.

Needing: Have I said the beach for this each week? Because I still need it. I need a full week at the beach. And a full cooler and a full bag of books by my side.

Wearing: black maxi skirt, white tank, blue patterned scarf from Loft

Craving: Raspberries are 4 for $5 at Kroger. I’m obviously craving multiple pints of those.

Rocking: I’m starting to rock this thing called “lipstick” that I’ve been terrified to try my whole life. But, thanks to Ree Drummond’s makeup roundup, I feel less like a creepy china doll and more like an adult who should wear more than chapstick.

Thinking: Did I mention Morgan is taking me on a surprise trip? Because I cannot stop thinking about THAT. Follow me on Instagram, and I’ll post pictures maybe.

Feeling: some heartache for some of my best friends. There’s an aching part of me that just wants to fix and save, but I can’t and never have been able to. Resting in this truth from Bonhoeffer: “It seems to me more important actually to share someone’s distress than to say smooth words about it.” So I’m closing my mouth and opening my arms and hugging the crap out of these dear friends, all while praying that God would be their strength and comfort.

Admiring: [This post is talking a lot about my people. I don’t hate it.] It’s the last day of school for a lot of counties in our area, including my best friend Brittney’s. She teaches special education at an inner city school, and she is truly changing the lives of her students. I admire her drive, her perseverance, and the tenacious love she’s got for some really tough kids. Brit, you are unbelievable. The lucky kids who had you as a teacher this year are walking out those double doors today feeling infinitely more loved and cherished than they did 9 months ago, and that’s because you didn’t give up on them. (Here’s an article I wrote about a year ago that was inspired by Brit.)

Disliking: Gross head colds at the beginning of summer that keep me from doing anything but lay on my couch and watch Hart of Dixie.

Giggling: this

Bookmarking: “God is not a belief to which you give your assent. God becomes a reality whom you know intimately, meet everyday, one whose strength becomes your strength, whose love, your love. Live this life of the presence of God long enough, and when someone asks you, ‘Do you believe there is a God?’ you may find yourself answering, ‘No. I do not believe there is a God. I know there is a God.'” Ernest Boyer, Jr.


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock 3

  1. You’re the sweetest, gal 🙂 Once this nausea settles down, WE ARE GETTING TOGETHER to catch up!

    p.s. I love this taking stock series, xo

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