Taking Stock 5

Cooking: I cooked maybe two meals last month. Due to this new healthy eating thing, I cooked so much this week! I forgot how good fresh food is!! My saving grace the last few days: homemade Ranch dressing. Except let’s not call it Ranch, because if you call it Ranch, you’ll be disappointed. BUT–you can use a ton of it and not feel guilty, and it tastes really, really good! Also, this chicken stir-fry. This is so good and so guiltless. Like, so good that I’m tempted to say it was better than take-out Chinese. I SAID IT.

Drinking: Water and coffee. And after I went on a run UP A MOUNTAIN with my friend Nichole, I rewarded myself with a Gatorade. (It’s sad when that’s your reward. But that’s the place I’m at, friends.)

Reading: Another turn for the better!!! I’ve officially reached the mark in Shanghai Girls that I feel confident to recommend it. Really good book that’s hard to put down–however, beware of some tough topics it covers. Not for the faint of heart. I started Changes That Heal this week–I’ve wanted to read this for years but am just now getting around to it. Bracing myself for some harsh convictions and beautiful life changes.

Wanting: “Sunny and 75” every day of this summer. It doesn’t hurt to dream.

Wishing: That there were more people in the world like Sue, the mom of my good friend from college. A few days ago, I came home from a long day overwhelmed and exhausted. I was feeling so down about expectations and failures and our crazy schedule that never slows down. At our front door was a package, and inside was a monogrammed casserole dish and note. She reads my blog (I still get so excited when people tell me that!), and, encouraged by our foster care journey, she wanted to bless us with this gift. Sue, you’ll never know the blessing you were to me that day. Thanks for bringing me back to reality and for making my YEAR. Your generosity spoke volumes to my soul.

IMG_2434Writing: I’ve been stressing myself out to write as much as possible. And that makes writing not as fun. So I’m praying for inspiration and direction, while chilling out and giving myself a break.

Enjoying: Spontaneous memories with my family that were made this past weekend. Saturday started with what we thought was going to be a trip to the Churchhill Downs parking lot just to catch a glimpse of the track, but we were easily convinced to stick around for some horse races. We ate Hot Browns (actually I got a stupid salad), drank mint juleps at 11 a.m., and bought $3 tickets to get in. On a whim, big Dan bet $5 on horse #2 AND WON! In my head, I was certain we were leaving Louisville with $1,000 minimum. Alas, he won $12.50, but I still smile when I think of him standing on the chairs yelling for a horse whose name he didn’t even know.

IMG_2407Noticing: That I’ve been blogging incredibly inconsistently for two years but today is the first day that I realized I can change the size of images I put in posts. LOL. Cheers to big pictures!!!!

Waiting: We’re floating down the river in big tubes with some of our favorite people on Sunday. Have I mentioned how much I love this small town we live in?

Listening: Pandora shuffled to Hootie and the Blowfish’s “Waltz Into Me” yesterday, and I about fell out of my chair. It is a little known song by Hootie, but Morgan and I danced to it as our first dance. I listened to that song on repeat all day Thursday.

Loving: How this man will forever and always be my dance partner. He rocks his signature moves, and, when Nelly’s “Just A Dream” comes on, people need to learn to CLEAR OUT because that’s his jam.

IMG_2419Dreaming: Back to the days of Pine Cove. Can I get an amen? Those were three of the best months of my life. When I tell people about PC, they call it more of a resort than a camp (which is fairly accurate), but all I know is that Jesus shows up in big ways in Tyler, Texas from May to August. I saw lives transformed–not to mention the work God did on my heart that summer. If I could rewind the years to any time, it’d be the summer of 2011.

IMG_0071(This was a just your classic summer morning at camp.)

Pondering: “There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could read their story.”

Watching: FRIENDS! Can’t stop, won’t stop. Well…we’ll stop when we reach season 10. But we’ll probably need to go through counseling when the series ends because it’s a sick obsession.

Marveling: At how accurate this is. They set up motion-sensored cameras in the Serengeti. And then made memes out of their findings.

Needing: A tan. Woof.

Smelling: That smell of summertime. When you can sense rain is coming without noticing grey clouds, when grass is freshly mowed, when grills are lit and sunscreen is lathered on and citronella candles exude that anti-bug smell. I love that smell of summertime.

Wearing: All the shorts and tshirts I can find because IT’S SO HUMID HERE. And I had a realization yesterday that it is only June. There’s a slight chance I may have a heat stroke by August 1.

Craving: Remember last week when I said I was craving healthy foods? That was cute. Because right now, I want a massive ice cream sundae with a gooey chocolate chip cookie on the bottom. Thanks.

Rocking: The same outfit I wore for Easter this year. Whatever. Ain’t nothing like a classy Friday. (Or a not-classy Easter. You decide. Hint: I’m wearing jeans.)

Thinking: About the future so much that I so often forget about the present. I’m trying to be intentional about living in the now instead of always dreaming about and hoping for what’s next. Because there is so much beauty in today. How can we accomplish our dreams if we’re stuck in daydreams about the days to come?!

Feeling: So good! I guess people weren’t lying when they said eating good food makes you feel good.

Admiring: The woman in the peach jacket in the picture below. That’s my grandma, y’all. She raised six amazing kids and what seems like a billion grandchildren, displayed beautiful and sacrifical love to her husband of nearly fifty years, and, following his death, has continued to be the stronghold of our family. Most of all, she taught all of us about Jesus. She’s the ultimate picture of grace and truth and beauty and love, and my favorite moments are ones spent around her table following dinner, when she pointedly asks every single person, “Tell me how your heart is.”

IMG_2421(I don’t know that man in the center.)

Bookmarking: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” Ernest Hemingway

Disliking: My heart toward horrible drivers. Confession time: while driving to work one morning this week, I found myself thinking, “I hate all people.” The condition of my heart is BLACK at 7:30 a.m. (While I am disliking my heart toward bad drivers, I still dislike bad drivers. Get off the roads during morning rush-hour if you’re tryna take in the scenery, folks. We may live in small town USA but some people need to get to work on time.)

Giggling: The livefromsnacktime Instagram account. It’s brilliant. Kids say the darndest things.


One thought on “Taking Stock 5

  1. sydnijackson says:

    That gift!! So sweet! Your descriptions of summer smells are right on.

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