Taking Stock 6

Posting this after a two week hiatus AND I’m posting it on a Thursday! Crazy! I like this whole “make up your own rules” thing.

Cooking: We grilled a whole bunch of vegetables and some pesto-marinated chicken the other night. Drizzled some honey balsamic dressing over it, and I decided eating all those leftovers at midnight that night was necessary. Because it was so good, y’all. (Skinnytaste is my go-to blog for healthy recipes like this.) Another night, Morgan picked a whole bunch of fresh blueberries at work so I made these galettes and topped them with some vanilla frozen yogurt. Super easy, super fancy looking, and super delicious. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” (Virginia Woolf)

IMG_2508Drinking: Water, coffee, wine (food pyramid=serving of fruit). I’m trying to embrace summer vibes as much as possible, and this beer that our friend from Alabama brought over for dinner solidified that summer-flavored anything is on point. Fall-flavored things are better, but summer is second best.

Reading: About to start The Language of Flowers. The librarian and I had a sweet moment when I checked this out–it’s about a girl who just aged out of the foster care system. The librarian was a former social worker, so, as a line of impatient bookworms formed behind me, I got to share my fears about the system and she got to relieve them. I’m also chugging along in Changes That Heal and loving the way it’s beginning to peel back the layers of my “everything-is-perfect-and-nothing-needs-to-change” heart.

Wishing: That I could hire a whole team of people to pack our house up because surprise we’re moving again! (Guys…I can’t even. I know it’s ridiculous. Four moves in two years. I promise we have a good reason behind it. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

IMG_1763Just a few more months in this cute house…we’re moving back to Blacksburg!

Writing: I’ve got all kinds of dreams, and a lot of them revolve around writing. I’m sold on the idea that words are power, and the idea that I can create that is exciting yet intimidating. As big as I am on the “no rules in writing” philosophy for this blog, I need to start putting pen to paper to create a framework for these big dreams.

Enjoying: Nights on our back deck–nights when it’s just Morgan and me, and nights when we have to haul out all the chairs in our house and move the grill so everyone can fit. And nights on other people’s back decks and back yards and sofas and dining room tables. We sat with some friends the other day and I just looked at them and said, “Can you believe that we have this?” Life happens in community–we are creating this thing that transcends what we can do alone. We are better because of the people around us, and I am so grateful.


Noticing: Through a friend’s puzzled look while she watched me inhale some watermelon, I’m noticing that it’s not normal to eat the seeds. Who knew! I just chew straight through them. She was like, “Holly. Oh my gosh. You’re not supposed to eat those.” I froze mid-bite, and, with some watermelon juice dribbling down my chin and black seeds probably stuck between my two front teeth, I shrugged and said, “Whateva.”

Waiting: The month of July is going to be a fun one. July 4th weekend in Wintergreen, bachelorette party at the lake, my sister coming to visit, and a trip to the beach! Fighting myself to not waste my days yearning for the next day, though.


Little bitty Holly and Morgan! I think this was just a few months in…the beach is our happy place.

Listening: We went to a beautiful wedding a few weeks ago, and the bride and groom danced to this song. Since then, I have: forced Morgan to learn it on the guitar AND sent texts that say “how long will i love you” and, when he doesn’t respond within five minutes, I text back the next lyrics “as long as stars are above you.” And so on and so on until the song is complete or until Morgan responds with a frustrated: “I love you too babe.”

Loving: I got the RunKeeper app a few weeks back to start tracking my workouts a little better, and I love it! It’s nothing fancy at all, but it tracks my split times and has really helped me to set goals, accomplish them, and track my growth. The one thing about the app that ticks me off is when I get a notification that says, “You haven’t gone running in a few days. Don’t you think you should?” It’s like…stop judging me, RunKeeper.

Dreaming: The house we live in now is great–and have I mentioned we really like our back deck?? But the downfall is that our landlord won’t let us nail holes in the wall. Note: I swear to you that this is not why we’re moving. I’m dreaming about filling our new walls with nail holes to hang up art and pictures and signs that make home feel like home. And, in all of our moving history, the inevitable fight that will be had is Morgan not wanting to screw any more screws into the walls. The fight ends the same way every single time: I start crying and convince him that it won’t feel like “our’s” without 90% of our wall space filled. #wrappedaroundmyfinger

Pondering: This notion of “preference over prescription.” If you’ve been following along, you know I’m pushing myself hard to become more open-minded. My instinct is “I’m right. You’re wrong,” way before I even let “you” speak. It’s ridiculous and a terrible quality, and, to quote Pitch Perfect, “I hate myself everyday because of it.” Jen Hatmaker says, “Sometimes we are so incredibly convinced, we elevate principles over people, forgetting that only a very small handful of human issues are concrete; most are fluid, nuanced, contextual, subjective. Different does not mean against, nor does it mean wrong.

Watching: Everyone needs to see Inside Out. It is not only hilarious in both sly and blunt ways, but it teaches a lesson about how to love those who are sad. This movie is the shiz. Another watch-worthy movie is McFarland USA. Copious amounts of tears were shed…and, as I ran the other day, I pretended to be Danny Diaz listening to Kevin Costner’s advice: “You’re my anchor, and not just because you’re fat. I mean, you are a little fat, but…you’re important.” and “I hear they can’t run without a cop behind ‘em or a Taco Bell in front.” (Amen.)

IMG_2505We dropped the boys off at Jurassic World and hit up Inside Out. We were those obnoxious girls cackling in the back row.

Marveling: Nicholas Winton died this week. I didn’t know who he was until I ran across this story on Buzzfeed yesterday, but you can bet that I sat at my desk with tears streaming down my face. You have to watch the YouTube video embedded in the article–this man risked his life to save hundreds of children during WWII. His life is a marvel, and the world is a better place because of him.

Craving: On the first Valentine’s Day that Morgan and I spent together, a new “Japanese steakhouse” had just opened up in town. Thinking that it was a fancy-schmancy hibachi grill, he got reservations and we dressed all nice for this date. We pulled into the parking lot and noticed there was a drive-thru line–needless to say, we were overdressed and for sure did not need reservations, but Sakura has become our favorite cheap date, and I would kill for some hibachi steak with a whole lot of yum yum sauce on top. Like so much yum yum that you can’t see the steak.

Rocking: The past few nights have been spent in my bridesmaid dress for my sweet friend’s upcoming wedding because 1. we had to try on different shoes for it and 2. I feel like a mix between Taylor Swift and a princess in it. Glitz and lace are my guilty pleasure.

Thinking: Nothing has fully encapsulated my heart toward last week’s SPOTUS decision as this article. (My dad said, “Please try to use a filter and don’t write your opinions about this on the blog.” But I didn’t write it…so it doesn’t count–right, Dad? 🙂 )

Feeling: A truckload of sadness on my heart following not only the Charleston church shooting, but the sequential burnings of so many black churches in the South. Are you kidding me? This world is ugly, corrupt, full of sin, sadness, and pain. But burning a house of worship or killing innocent people who just want to pray is just about the lowest low. And if anyone wants to fight me on that, come at me, bro. My favorite part of this news story is when they describe what was left over after one of the churches burned down: “Only two walls and the steeple still stood, with a large, unscathed white cross on top.

Admiring: Whenever something horrible happens, we Christians hold our heads high and say confidently, “The Lord will bring good out of this.” But, honestly, I struggle to believe that in my heart sometimes. And when I woke up that Thursday morning and learned of the Charleston shootings, my prayer was less of “You’re good” and more of “I have no clue what You are doing.” My doubting, faithless heart trembled as I listened to family member after family member publicly forgive the man who killed their loved ones, and I knew that this is what God is doing. He’s putting a face on grace, and that face is sketched over the mourning sobs of those who deserve to feel anger and pain. But nothing is out of His realm.

Bookmarking: Elisabeth Elliot died two weeks ago, leaving a legacy of faith and wisdom that’s unmatched. My favorite quotes of hers:

“Leave it all in the hands that were wounded for you.”

“I realized that the deepest spiritual lessons are not learned by His letting us have our way in the end, but by His making us wait, bearing with us in love and patience until we are able to honestly to pray what He taught His disciples to pray: Thy will be done.”

“Of one thing I am perfectly sure: God’s story never ends with ashes.”

Disliking: What the heck is up with all these shark attacks?! I think I’ll bring one of those blow-up kiddie pools to the beach this summer. I’ll inflate it and set it next to my chair and splash a bit in that thing when I get too toasty.

Giggling: Long days should be filled with 15-minute YouTube videos of the top 10 funniest scenes from Friends. Including my favorite: Joey trying to speak French.


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock 6

  1. Jeannie says:

    I love your blog Holly and I’m excited you’re moving to Blacksburg too! You will love The Language of Flowers – its one of my all time favorites!

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