Escaping the Registry

I was a bride two years ago and LOVED creating a registry. One of our favorite self-deprecating stories to tell is about the day we went to Target to register, and, because we were babies and were used to buying all cooking supplies from the Dollar Tree, Morgan scanned “Room Essentials” brand everything for our registry. And we fought and fought because I wanted the fancy stuff (read: I was a diva bride). It didn’t take but a few hours for both of our moms to check our registry and call to tell us we needed to delete everything we’d scanned, start over, and scan nicer things. People like to get the bride and groom nice things.


But, when I say “people,” I mean people who are a bit farther along in life. People who are capable of buying “nice things.” One day, I hope to enter into the “people who buy nice things” category, but I’m still very much in the $1-$3 aisle at Target (anyone else unable to walk past there without picking up some animal crackers? no? just me?).

Even though all I really wanted were things off my registry when I was a bride, I’ve become a bit selfish in my post-bride days. And, because our budget would often only allow us to buy a spatula and slotted spoon for wedding gifts, I like to get a little creative. Let the old folks buy the skillets and toasters and bed linens. The Paulettes will do our part to raid the dollar bins for you, dear newlywed friends.

I was at a shower earlier this year, and my sweet friend Ashley had the entire room crying with her gift–she gave the bride a box full of presents that all had marriage wisdom attached to them. Giftcards for date nights with a card about the importance of dating your spouse. A book about biblical marriage with a note to encourage the bride to keep pursuing it. A live goldfish in a bag with a note that said something about playing pranks (I didn’t catch the full back story of that one…). So many sweet, sweet gifts.

I decided to do my own little version for my friend Stephanie’s bridal shower back in May. Cost-efficient and with a lot of thought behind it all, feel free to steal Ashley’s idea just like I did!

IMG_2179The finished product. Probably would’ve been much cuter with some clear wrapping over it and a huge bow, but this is all I got done, people.

IMG_2187“Cook him good food. Remember his favorite meals and surprise him with them. Men LOVE food, and nothing says lovin’ like fresh from the oven.” Wooden spoons: $.99, Walmart

IMG_2186“Faithfully pray for him each and every day. Pray together. Tell him how you see Christ in him. And never stop thanking the Lord for Chris.” Prayer Journal: Walmart, $.99

IMG_2185“Affirm him. Tell him how handsome you think he is. Thank him for the little things. Leave love notes for him in secret places.” Blank notecards: Dollar Tree, $1

IMG_2184“Kiss him on the lips. Every single day. For a long time.” Lipstick: Target, $3

IMG_2183“Travel together. Just the two of you. For no reason other than to escape for a few days. (We go on weekend getaways every few months.) Budget these in!” Travel bag with travel toothpaste, deodorant, etc. inside: Target, $5

IMG_2182“Think big picture. Let the little things go and remind yourself (and him) that your marriage is much bigger than forgetting to fold the laundry. Forgive often and easily.” Frame: $5, Walmart; Print of couple: $2, CVS

IMG_2181“Spend time with your girlfriends! You need them, and it’ll make your time with Chris even sweeter. (Bros before hoes, though. Always).” Wine: Target, $9 clearance whaddup! Also, I apologize for the use of the word “hoes,” Mom, Dad, and Lucy.

IMG_2180This one was stolen straight from Ashley, and I love this wisdom so much. “It’s okay to go to sleep on an argument. It’s not okay to go to bed angry.” Chamomile tea: Target, $5

Not pictured: $5 giftcard to Target, with a note that encouraged them to date each other weekly–and to always leave the phone in the car to avoid getting distracted. Also not pictured was some pre-wedding-night-girly-things.

Shower your bride-friends well! Happy wedding season!


One thought on “Escaping the Registry

  1. sydnijackson says:

    So sweet, creative, and thoughtful!

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