Blog-Tember: Dear Sixteen-year-old Holly…

I’m joining up for The 2015 Blog-tember Challenge (specifically because my girl Taylor did it and it was just so fun to read). Getting some motivation for fun posts this month, and also getting real with the me of eight years ago.

Dear 16-year-old little baby Holly,

Bless your heart.

Oh Holly. You have no idea what beautiful things are in store for you. Sixteen was a mediocre year for you, but it looks pathetic when I compare it to what’s to come really soon.

You’ve got crushes on some really crappy boys, but you’re going to fall in love with a man you couldn’t ever imagine you’d be lucky enough to marry. I wish you could know that so that you would stop trying to find love in the wrong places. He’s going to love you for you. I promise. (By the way, he is actually the hottest human being you’ve ever seen. You married up, girl.)

You think your parents are lame and that your sister is mean. Rest assured, young Holly, that these three people are about to become your favorites. You guys will create this little family of best friends and group messages and the very best family get-togethers. Your heart will just explode with love for them. And guess what? It’s all going to become sweeter when, in a few years, all of you decide to love Jesus. Your family becomes more than right now. It becomes a forever kind of connection where Taylor is no longer just your sister but also your sister in Christ. The tears streaming down my face right now just show how far-fetched this notion would be to 16-year-old you, but I promise, it’s true, and it’s the most amazing gift.


I’m not sure what I love/hate most about this picture. Let’s break it down.

Braided pigtails: Okay you’re super cute. Your hair will never get much better, and in a few years, you’ll just learn to manage with a messy bun.

The outfit: I’m not sure why you keep thinking that a denim skirt and T-shirt is stylish, but you wore this outfit (with different combinations of skirts and shirts, of course) a lot. Also, you are tall, and normal clothing does not look normal on you. Put on some clothes, little child.

Dancing-but-actually-posing: You are so not cool, but you’re sort of adorable. I’m sure some Dixie Chicks is blaring from your boombox right now.

Books in night stand: Your nightstand will look the exact same for forever. Don’t stop reading or writing.

Oh Holly, there’s so much I wish I could say to you.

You think you know who Jesus is right now, but you world is about to be rocked. He is so good, and He is so in love with you. I wish I could just scream this to you. But, in His perfect timing, He’s going to capture your heart in two short years and everything will be different.

Little Holly, you don’t even know it, but you’re so very lost, so very broken, and seeking life in all the wrong places. But guess what, sweet girl? You’re going to find Life in the very best thing.

I wish that you had the sense in you to apply to more than one college, but I hope you know how lucky you are that Virginia Tech let your incredibly sub-par application slip through in the admissions office. You don’t even care about Virginia Tech right now, but let me tell you sister: that school was the start of the good stuff.

Your best friends will push you and challenge you and pray for you. You guys are going to walk through some dark, ugly times, but sister, they’re not going to leave your side. In nearly ten years, you’ll be spread out all over the place, but they’re your home base. You’ll find something absolutely extraordinary in the girls who love you deeply in college.

It’s all going to get better soon, but enjoy high school. You think you’re really cool, but you’re actually a total jerk sometimes and you need to get your act together. Thankfully, you’ll discover that being cool means being different, and you’ll embrace it. Little Holly, you’ve got big dreams building up inside your awkward teenager body right now, and I can’t wait for you to discover the big things you’ll accomplish when you stop thinking this world revolves around you.

Let me give you one more little tid-bit: you won’t ever be a great basketball player. You’re going to pretend to be an allstar and you’re going to wear the coolest baller clothes you can find in the men’s section at Dick’s Sporting Goods, but you should probably stick with the things we’ve already established that you’re good at–reading books and shopping.

Love you forever because you made me who I am now,

Holly Paulette (isn’t that crazy?!!)


4 thoughts on “Blog-Tember: Dear Sixteen-year-old Holly…

  1. sydnijackson says:

    I love this. So sweet.

  2. Susan Jordan says:

    So, so SWEET! Miss you… xo

  3. Oh, I LOVE this. It’s so fun to look back at how we were so US at 16, but also still had SO much to learn and grow into. College was the start of all the good stuff for me too, and I’m so glad I pushed through the hard high school years to get there and let the Lord blow my mind with what He had in store!

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