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Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken Quesadillas

Words will never be enough to explain the love I have for my crockpot.

In a moment of lapsed judgement early on in our relationship, Morgan gave me a crockpot, apron, and coffee mug for a birthday present. I was thrilled; I’d been talking about how I wanted to learn to cook for a while, and I knew how much thought he must have put into the gift. Then, when friends would ask what he got me for my birthday, I had to verbalize that my boyfriend bought me cooking supplies and an apron…I knew then and there my role in our relationship. (Just kidding. I rarely allow him in the kitchen because it’s my favorite room in the house.)

One of the advantages of our job is that, when a ton of donations come in, the staff gets first dibs on the food that we don’t have room to store in the shelter’s kitchen. This spring, we came home with crates full of fresh mangoes, blackberries, raspberries, vegetables, bread…and, the very best: ice cream. I always anticipate the emails that start with “Surplus Available to Staff and Immediate Family.” Holler! (Side note: It’s not always the greatest. They offered us “Holiday Flavored Ice Cream” in May. We passed up that offer.)

We got a bunch of mini bell peppers and flour tortillas this week, so I decided to make our Wednesday night into a fiesta (aka we made quesadillas and had chips and salsa). This meal cost us probably $5 max all together, and it’s not too unhealthy (fat free cream cheese! duh!) 🙂

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Quesadillas

adapted from

4 chicken breasts

4oz can dice green chiles

14.5oz can diced tomatoes

8oz light/fat free cream cheese

Mexican blend cheese (about 1/2 cup)

Flour tortillas

Assorted bell peppers, chopped

Olive Oil or nonstick spray

1. Place chicken breasts (mine were still frozen) in crockpot. Dump chilies, diced tomatoes, and cream cheese on top. Cook for 6-8 hours on low or 3-4 hours on high.

2. When chicken is cooked, shred with forks or tongs in the crockpot, allowing the shredded meat to absorb the juices from the cheese.

3. Heat a large skillet on medium-high on the stove. After spraying with non-stick spray, place tortilla on skillet. Add about 2 Tbsp cheese onto half of tortilla. Use tongs or slotted spoon to add crockpot mixture to the cheese, and top with bell peppers (if you want them. We put the peppers on the side because I knew Morgan wouldn’t be the biggest fan.)

4. Fold the other half of the tortilla over the mixture, and let cook for about 2 minutes. Flip tortilla to finish cooking for another minute or so.

5. TaDa! Serve with chips, salsa, guac, and enjoy!


Wife Wednesday

Have I ever mentioned how much I just love my sweet husband? Because I tell him about 47 times a day, and it’s usually accompanied by an “EEEEK you’re so cute” or a nose pinch (and he smiles each and every time…). I deem today Wife Wednesday because, when that farmer took this wife, life got a whole lot brighter.

This time in our lives is so unique because we not only get to work together, but we are working in the same ministry together. I get to see the labor of my man–both the physical labor and the spiritual labor. His job is hard–it’s not what he ever thought he’d be doing in this stage of life, but he does it joyfully. However, when he comes home, he is mighty happy to take off his worker’s boots and recline on the sofa for a bit, catching up on repeat Big Bang Theory episodes and snacking on pretzels.

Last night was a little different. Our church is partnering with another local homeless ministry that provides shelter and support for families in the area, and we’ve been spending this week with four needy families–making meals for them, sharing fellowship, playing with their kids, and just ministering to them in any way possible. What a cool experience. We have LOVED getting to know these families and sharing life with them…for those in our church who don’t work with the homeless population on a day-to-day basis, it’s been eye-opening to realize that these families are just like ours–and we’re all just one paycheck away from falling into the repetitive and terrifying cycle of homelessness. But I’ll get off my soapbox…..

I realized I hadn’t seen Morgan in a while at about 7:30 last night, so I went searching around the church looking for him. First thought: he got lost in this confusing building. (I realize I treat my husband like a child. I’m working on it.) After a bit of searching, I wandered outside to find my six-foot-tall farmer boy with his dirty work jeans rolled up, boots thrown in the grass, sitting Indian-style in a sandbox surrounded by a couple of kindergarten-aged girls.

As they were attempting to bury Morgan with the three gallons of sand in the box, I just sat back and smiled. It reminded me that the Lord will use us however he wants to. Growing up on a huge farm never prepared Morgan for homeless ministry, nor did it warrant any desire to work in a place like this; it seems like, lately, we’re surrounded by opportunities to minister to the homeless. And he’s still here, joyfully loving those who are often hard to love…and he is content to be serving Jesus in the place that Jesus wants him right now. I love that man because he reminds me that my life is so not about me.

So, I talked fashion with a middle school girl and Morgan compared the smell of his feet to that of an eight-year-old (wish that I was making that up…), and my heart felt a deep sense of peace. Some days, I wonder what God is doing with us right now. But then some days are like last night, and I’m certain that He’s showing us Himself constantly through this ministry.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

Matthew 25:35

Go Big or Go Home

My friend Nicole and I had a conversation the other day that went a little like this:

N: “Have you ever been to Mac and Bobs and ordered the calzone?”

H: “YES! They are the best thing EVER. But they are so huge. I totally just order it to save half for lunch the next day. It would be gross to eat that whole thing.”

N: “Yeah of course. Way too big for one meal. It’d be gross for sure.”

H: “Way too big.”

N: “Except for one time…I ate the whole thing.”


H: “I eat the whole thing every. single. time.”

N: “Me too, girl. Me too.”

I’m grateful to have a friend like her. And guess what! She’s getting married in 4 months. Here’s to many more gluttonous trips to Mac and Bobs like tonight’s. Happy Monday.

Before. We go big or go home. (Note: Nicole and I did get the “smaller versions.” It was the healthier option.)


After. No shame. No regrets.


A Year Later

Yikes! WordPress must have had a major glitch that deleted ALL OF MY POSTS from the past year. Because obviously, I’ve been faithful to write to my faithful audience of 3 (mom, dad, and husband). So sorry, fan club.

That’s a lie. I’ve been the laziest of writers this past year. I forgot that I started this blog until recently, so I came to it to read about where I was this time last year. My oh my has life changed. Consistently, God has been ridiculously faithful. There’s no way I can not write.

Last I wrote, I began a job teaching preschool in Roanoke, and Morgan was teaching at a high school. A year ago, I would never, ever, ever have expected to be where we are now–if we aren’t a walking depiction of “God’s plans are different than our plans,” I don’t know what is.

Currently, Morgan and I are working at a homeless shelter in downtown Roanoke. After a year of painful job disappointments and working through a lot of junk, the Lord has us in ministry at the moment, and we are crazy grateful for this time of working together and for His glory. Daily, we witness lives devastated by the fall of man, people aching for hope, and opportunities to share Life with the unlovable. It is hard. So hard. My heart shatters every time I witness a family walk into our doors with nothing but the clothes on their back, or the addict that stumbles into intake to enter into our recovery program, shaking from a detox. As society scoffs at their lives, Morgan and I have this rare opportunity to tell these people that they are worth it. Coincidentally, each time that I get to have that conversation with someone, Jesus tells me, “Hey–you are exactly like these guests. Just as sinful, just as dirty, just as helpless on your own. But I counted you worth it, too.”

So, in a nutshell:

  • We moved to Roanoke.
  • We started two jobs.
  • We quit those two jobs.
  • We got jobs working at a homeless shelter.
  • We fell in love with Roanoke–the people, our church, our home.
  • We traveled a lot, celebrated a lot, and had way too much fun.
  • I learned to cook, and Morgan learned to eat all of my meals, even when the chicken was still a lil pink.
  • We count this year as a straight-up hot mess…but our marriage has been the most steadfast in the midst of the chaos.
  • We have no clue where He’s taking us next.

I’m going to make a promise to you, faithful posse of three. I’m going to keep writing. Because, honestly, who wouldn’t want to read about how ridiculously shambly our lives are?

Included is a picture to show that we actually survived year one, and we went on a nice date on June 1 to prove it. And look! We’re even smiling real smiles! (Well, at least mine is a real smile. Morgan is most definitely fake, but I promise he loves me.)



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